Board of Directors

Board of Directors for Rotary Club of Canby meets the first Friday of the month at 7:00 a.m. at Pappy's Greasy Spoon Restaurant in Canby.
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Teresa Sasse Board of Directors - Expires 2017 
Keith Galitz Board of Directors - Expires 2017 
Gary Linton Board of Directors - Expires 2018 
Ben Millar Board of Directors - Expires 2018 
Loren Bell Board of Directors - Expires 2019 
Julie Jorgensen Board of Directors - Expires 2019 
Derek Hill Immediate Past President 
Tony Helbling President 
Kathleen Jordan President Elect 
Ron Yarbrough President Elect Nominee 
Judi Hester-Aus Secretary 
Keri Olin Secretary - Attendance 
Stacey Hubbard Treasurer 
Ruth Brito Treasurer 
Showing 14 items